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Jacqueline Wolven

Writing About Life and Work

I write with a strong voice about choices in work/life, mindfulness and living small to be happier.

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Jacqueline Wolven

Jacqueline Wolven, an AARP speaker and Main Street Director for Eureka Springs, Arkansas is the author of her own life and maybe someday an actual published book. She writes about living simply and doing good work with relentless authenticity (her current projects include small...

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Vote With Your Dollar This Holiday Season

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday -- all that really means is shopping. I'm a public advocate for shopping small and shopping local, but I also understand the wants of the folks on your list -- I've had kids, I kn......

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Killing the Moment -- It's Time to Do Your Events Differently

My daughter called this afternoon after class and on her way to work at the library to tell me about how here teacher decided to dress down the class after they had all done small teaching sessions at a summer camp.......

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5 Steps to a Stress Free Holiday Season

Are you overwhelmed by just the thought of your to do list this holiday? Does the idea of making gifts, baking goodies, putting up the lights and attending yet another holiday party put you on edge? Most people overextend during the holiday season an......

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3 Things Women Need To Stop Doing When Speaking In Public

Listen Up Ladies of a Certain Age. You know, you 40 to 60-year-old women. Midlife Ladies. What I see and hear you doing when you are public speaking and in social situations has got to stop. It probably starts earlier, but we are women who have seen ......

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A Guide to Getting the Most of Going to Conferences

Don't leave it up to memory. Take a moment to reflect on the goals you made for the conference and decide if it is something that you want to repeat next year. If you really didn't get something awesome from it maybe your time and money would be bett......

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Taming Email

I came back from the holidays wondering how I could make my email more manageable. I dread it. It brings joy. It brings more work. It brings problems and sometimes solutions. Nonstop. Every. Single. Day.......

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Goals Are Not Tasks, You Can Live With A Bigger Plan

I think about goals as destinations. They are where I want to go personally, professionally, with my health, in my relationships and spiritually. They are where the flag will be planted and I can say I have arrived.......

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8 Reasons I'm Probably A Lot Happier Than You

It's true. I am happier than most people I meet. Most people seem a bit dazed by life. Going through the motions. Worse they are caught up in some pattern or cycle that they can't get out of. Even worse they are stuck in the groove of complaining and......

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Musician Miri Ben-Ari Talks Nobel Peace Summit - HuffPost Live

Welcome to Thrive on Live with @CaroMT. Grammy Award-winning musician Miri Ben-Ari joins us to discuss her upcoming performance at the Nobel Peace Prize Summit and how music helps her thrive....

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Zen Business: the Eightfold Path to Peace and Productivity at Work

Zen Business presents a guiding set of rules for dealing with staff, coworkers, clients and management for balance in work and life....

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Book Giveaway and Review: A Lamp in the Darkness

This isn’t a book that urges you to smile, let go, and move on. Instead it takes you deep into the darkness of your pain to help you access your internal light....

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8 Ways to Be More Confident: Live the Life of Your Dreams

For the vast majority of my life I didn’t believe I could do most of the things I wanted to do. Here's how I've countered that....

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Why I'm Happier Than You (And How You Can Be Too)

It's true. I am happier than most people I meet. Most people seem a bit dazed by life. Going through the motions....

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10 Challenges Leaders Always Face And How To Deal With Them

Leadership isn't just about the hard stuff, but it is a big part of shouldering the responsibility....